Every Design is a Piece of Art at Rose Westwood

Every Design has a few key points which must be met for every piece. But where it all starts is from a simple piece of paper & a pencil.

The sketch is raw and often these items start with a small idea which will be perfected down to the last detail. This can take weeks but sometimes even months.

After the sketch, the photoshop team will make another digital drawing.

The team creates the measurements for the best fit, we choose the most high quality fabrics and then we send it to our manufacuer in China.

From there the sampling starts and takes upon 4-6 weeks to create and perfect.

When finished it returns to our in house team in the Netherlands where, everything will be fitted with several models to check if there are any difficulties within the Fit but also maybe another fabric would suit the product better. Besides that we get our key points in check, is it comfortable? How does it make you feel? Is it flattering? Are there enough luxe details to make you feel and look spectaculair? If these answers are positive we pick the colors or prints and decide to start the production.